Parkinson’s: How to prevent

By Jesus Rayl / March 10, 2018
treat parkinson's with coconut oil

Parkinson’s disease is considered as an incredibly debilitating disease that affects a large number of men and women over 70 years of age. It is a neurological condition where a small region in brain known as substantia starts deteriorating which slows the body movements and limits the ability to carry on the everyday tasks. It is also termed as a progressive as well as a curable condition that are often complemented with other age related cognitive illness. There are different causes of Parkinson’s disease which includes prolonged stress, excessive oxidative stress, hereditary, diabetes, nutrients deficiency, poisoning by heavy metals, excessive iron intake and side effects of certain medications and supplements. This neurological condition can stop the brain from producing dopamine which is a neurotransmitter and it eventually limits the emotions, bodily functions and movements.

There are different ways to prevent Parkinson’s disease naturally so that issues like impaired motor functioning and loss of intentional movements can be prevented. Moreover this is a serious condition where the person is unable to perform the everyday tasks like sleeping, swallowing, walking and speaking properly. In this condition the brain get lesser amount of dopamine which means that the coordination of the body movements is affected. You can prevent Parkinson’s disease naturally with these remedies that help in combating this disease in an effective manner. The intake of healthy fats can help in preventing this neurological condition and thus it is advisable for the affected person to eat foods rich in healthy fats as it helps in protecting the brain from the condition. Healthy fats can also do wonders to the brain cells as it helps them to live longer and it also reduces the risk of this health condition. Therefore adding fish oil supplement can also help in lowering the risk of this neurological condition while crossing the blood brain barrier for facilitating proper functioning of the brain cells.

If you want to prevent getting Parkinson’s disease, then the best option for you is go for detoxification where the harmful chemicals and toxins of your body is flushed out. It eliminates the risk of heavy metal poisoning along with reducing the exposure of herbicides, pesticides and other
environmental toxins that might suffocate your brain cells. Therefore detoxification also helps in rejuvenating your brain cells so that it can live longer and it also flushes out the poisons from your body in the form of detox methods. Exercising is also an important way to prevent getting Parkinson’s disease because exercise can prevent the brain cells from getting damaged and it also helps in reducing the risk of other age related illnesses. It has also been found out that exercising for half an hour everyday can have an anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective mechanism for improving cognitive health.

Parkinson’s diseases can also be prevented naturally with the use of home remedies like red palm oil and coconut oil that contains ketones which is also known as brain food substances. The fatty acids found in these oils can also help in repairing and rebuilding of the nerve lining that
helps in enhancing the brain communication along with preventing the occurrence of any cognitive problems. Hence using coconut oil can also be called as the best way of prevent Parkinson’s disease naturally as it also contains vitamins and minerals that helps in restoring the functions of the brain. Another amazing way of preventing this condition is by increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables because organic fruits and vegetables can enhance the overall quality of your life. It also offers all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are needed for the proper functioning of the body while eliminating the toxins that are present in the foods. It is also important to avoid fast foods and processed foods as these are known to deteriorate the body while increasing the chance of nutrients deficiency.

Parkinson’s disease can be caused due to exposure to environmental toxins or viral infections but knowing the ways to prevent this condition is the first step of treatment of this condition. Therefore it is important to improve the quality of your life with balanced food, exercise and stress  reduction as these are the best way of treating this neurological condition.

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