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How insoles can help against Parkinson symptoms

By Jesus Rayl / May 4, 2018
solelab insoles against parkinson

Insoles are inserted into a shoe to make it more comfortable, or to offer support. They are mainly made of foam, plastic or soft gel material. Though they are majorly designed to cushion and support the foot, they can also be tailored to specific foot conditions. Insoles are directed towards offering pain relief as well as taking care of various physical or postural issues and to prevent further damage to the foot.

Parkinson is a progressive and degenerative disorder which leads to deteriorated movement. Ideally, the root cause of this condition is unknown, but environmental and genetic factors have been strongly linked to this condition. The symptoms occur slowly and worsen over time. An individual suffering from Parkinson may start moving slowly, losing balance and may fall often. When not dealt with in time, the disorder may cause one to lose the ability to walk.

Insoles are used to improve the somatosensory input (responsible for posture and movement). This is good news for people with Parkinson disease. This is because it provides an accessible, reliable and low-cost method of enhancing stability, postural and movement.

How insoles can help against Parkinson

As we have seen above Parkinson can lead to some problems on your feet and your gait. A flat-footed gait can be very painful and may even cause immobility. In such cases, a podiatrist may prescribe an insole for more support and comfort. This kind of insoles is likely to be custom fitted to lift your aches, relieve pressure points and support your joints and offer more comfort.

A Parkinson patient is likely to be encouraged to engage in various ankle and foot exercise in a bid to regain balance. A custom-made insole comes in handy in such situations. It will allow you to spread the force and impact on your foot through the sole of your foot. This works on improving the functionality of your calf muscles and generally improves your gait.

By securing and increasing support, the insole helps cut down on the number of falls a Parkinson patient is likely to face. By so doing, it helps reduce injuries and trauma that could result from such falls. In addition to these benefits, the psychological consequences cannot be ignored, because such falls have the potential to affect the confidence of the person negatively.

Insoles are designed to enhance and support the mechanical alignment of the foot, which works for better grip and improved balance. It is also known to treat and reduce leg, hip and knee pain. This is a welcome advantage that insoles offer Parkinson patients as it allows them to lead a normal pain-free life.

Inserts are designed to meet the needs of people of all ages. They are carefully put together to fit all types of shoes ranging from runner and sports shoes, walking shoes and work shoes.

Solelab insoles

Solelab takes pride in offering the optimum insoles for each and every shoe you own. Solelab insoles are designed to align perfectly with your foot thus creating balance and closing in on unnecessary gaps, found between the shoe and the foot. The cushioning is incredible which means that comfort is guaranteed. The best part is that sole lab offers dependable products without denting your pockets.

The Sole lab insole would be a perfect option for any person living with Parkinson. This is because the product is designed to offer maximum comfort through its optimum cushioning.

The cushioning pad also helps create an even pressure distribution which works on preventing further injuries.

The insole would also be great for a walking or exercising spree, because of its incredible shock absorption capability. This decreases the chances of injury when the foot hits the ground. Sole lab insole tech is on a mission to help Parkinson patients live an independent and quality life, by taking care of their feet.

Some of Solelabs products include:

  • Men dress shoe insole- made from quality dampening material, provides comfort the whole day
  • Men running shoe insole- Absorbs ground impact for more comfort when exercising or undertaking sports activities.
  • Men Work shoe insole- eliminates pain and discomfort.
  • Women dress shoe insole- provides stabilization, support, and comfort for dress shoes.
  • Women flat shoe insole- Versatile for everyday comfort
  • Women athletic shoe insole- Used for any exercise and athletic shoes for comfort and support.

Final Verdict

Prevention is said to be better than cure. Insoles can help people living with Parkinson prevent the condition from deteriorating. For people having difficulty in movement and stability, insoles are designed to enhance support and stability. Furthermore, they also help in reversing any leg and ankle pains.

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