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Parkinson’s: How to prevent

By Jesus Rayl / March 10, 2018

Parkinson’s disease is considered as an incredibly debilitating disease that affects a large number of men and women over 70 years of age. It is a neurological condition where a small region in brain known as substantia starts deteriorating which slows the body movements and limits the ability to carry on the everyday tasks. It is also termed […]


Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

By Jesus Rayl / February 23, 2018

Regardless of all the research that has looked into Parkinson’s, it’s a disease without a cure at this point in time. Parkinson’s is a non-contagious degenerative brain condition connected with a high rate of cellular loss of dopamine-secreting cells. A particular problem is the fact that a defined biomarker for the condition has still not […]


The Needs Of A Person With Parkinson’s Disease

By Jesus Rayl / August 9, 2016

Caring for a man who has Parkinson’s illness is unquestionably not a simple employment. Notwithstanding, whether you are a relative or a therapeutic medical caretaker, there are sure things you ought to know whether you are taking care of a man with Parkinson’s ailment. Parkinson’s Patients Require Security There are many people who are influenced […]

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