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Can you get medical marijuana for parkinson’s?

By Jesus Rayl / June 19, 2018
medical marijuana against parkinson

Parkinson’s is a degenerative illness that affects the central nervous system (CNS) and weakens speech, motor skills and other body functions of the victim. It is grouped in a group of disorders called movement disorders. It has a direct impact on the spinal chord and the brain and more specifically, it affects nerve cells located deep in the brain, known as Basal Ganglia. These cells use a chemical known as dopamine to send signals to other parts of the body and coordinate movement. If a person has Parkinson’s, there are low levels of dopamine. Thus, the body doesn’t get the right signals it needs to move normally.

What Causes Parkinson’s?

Medical experts agree that low levels of dopamine in the brain trigger Parkinson’s, but no one knows the exact reason why nerve cells producing dopamine become damaged and eventually die. Some medical experts think that changes in a certain gene can explain why a person gets Parkinson’s. Others think it may be something environmental that causes the damage, such as pesticides or other chemicals.No one knows the exact cause of Parkinson’s disease, but we know that Parkinson’s has been around for many decades. In 1817, an English physician by the name Dr. James Parkinson named it “Shaking Palsy.” Ultimately, it was named after him.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s

Symptoms of Parkinson’s include trembling or tremors (shaking of hands), difficulties maintaining coordination and balance, trouble walking or standing, stiffness and overall slowness. As time goes by, a person with Parkinson’s may experience difficulties while swallowing, smiling and even talking. Some people may have problems with remembering and thinking too. Since this illness affects balance, people with Parkinson’s are susceptible to falling down a lot and this results in injuries and broken bones. People with this disorder feel depressed, sad and lose interest in their daily activities. These symptoms may be stressful for both the victim and the family, and thus the need for a treatment that provides relief against pain and suffering

Medical Marijuana For Parkinson’s Disease

Recent research has indicated that CBD, an active component of medical marijuana, can benefit victims of Parkinson’s disease. What is CBD? This is one of the elements in the cannabis plant. It has been proven to be antipsychotic and neuroprotective, thus making it an effective remedy against this disorder. But how does CBD tackle Parkinson’s? This disorder is characterized by low dopamine levels and thus resulting in impaired movements. When CBD gets into the body, it interacts with the GPR6 receptor, blocks it and thus boosting levels of dopamine. Also, due to the neuroprotective properties of CBD, it reduces the damage done by chemical toxins which kill brain cells responsible for producing dopamine.

Psychosis is one of the difficult symptoms of Parkinson’s to manage. A CBD study conducted on Parkinson’s patients showed exceptional improvements in psychosis symptoms. The study also proved that CBD is safe, effective and has a high tolerance. CBD has also been proven to be effective combating against sleep disturbance associated with this disorder. Generally, CBD improves the quality of life due to its sedative, anxiolytic, antidepressant, and antipsychotic.

How to get Medical Marijuana for Parkinson’s

Can you get medical marijuana for Parkinson’s? Yes. You just need to do a research on the legislative laws that govern the use of medical marijuana against medical illnesses. For instance, the states of Ohio, Minnesota and New York don’t allow smoking of marijuana. In some states, a Parkinson’s patient should register to be allowed to use and possess marijuana products. In other states, a doctor may need a certification from the physician indicating that he/she should be allowed to use marijuana for the illness. However, federal doesn’t allow medical practitioners to prescribe marijuana. Many states direct their doctors to provide certifications allowing marijuana use. You get medical marijuana for Parkinson’s, you just need to know the laws affecting medical marijuana use in your specific state.

Parkinsons disease may be a difficult illness to notice in a once active and healthy loved one. It’s essential to know and detect early the symptoms of Parkinson’s. As with most illnesses the earlier you can detect it the more effective you’ll be able to fight the symptoms. Even though CBD doesn’t offer a final cure for this disease, it brings remarkable improvement in fighting the symptoms. This redeems dignity, self-esteem and overall decent quality of life.

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