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Can you get medical marijuana for parkinson’s?

By Jesus Rayl / June 19, 2018

Parkinson’s is a degenerative illness that affects the central nervous system (CNS) and weakens speech, motor skills and other body functions of the victim. It is grouped in a group of disorders called movement disorders. It has a direct impact on the spinal chord and the brain and more specifically, it affects nerve cells located […]


How insoles can help against Parkinson symptoms

By Jesus Rayl / May 4, 2018

Insoles are inserted into a shoe to make it more comfortable, or to offer support. They are mainly made of foam, plastic or soft gel material. Though they are majorly designed to cushion and support the foot, they can also be tailored to specific foot conditions. Insoles are directed towards offering pain relief as well […]


Exercises for Parkinson patients

By Jesus Rayl / April 8, 2018

If you have Parkinson’s disease, here are simple Parkinson exercises you can perform. It is important to maintain your muscle tone and function as much as possible as the disease progresses. Taking your prescribed medicines and following your doctor’s advice is the most important step you can take, but a regular exercise program can also […]


Parkinson’s: How to prevent

By Jesus Rayl / March 10, 2018

Parkinson’s disease is considered as an incredibly debilitating disease that affects a large number of men and women over 70 years of age. It is a neurological condition where a small region in brain known as substantia starts deteriorating which slows the body movements and limits the ability to carry on the everyday tasks. It is also termed […]


Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

By Jesus Rayl / February 23, 2018

Regardless of all the research that has looked into Parkinson’s, it’s a disease without a cure at this point in time. Parkinson’s is a non-contagious degenerative brain condition connected with a high rate of cellular loss of dopamine-secreting cells. A particular problem is the fact that a defined biomarker for the condition has still not […]


The Needs Of A Person With Parkinson’s Disease

By Jesus Rayl / August 9, 2016

Caring for a man who has Parkinson’s illness is unquestionably not a simple employment. Notwithstanding, whether you are a relative or a therapeutic medical caretaker, there are sure things you ought to know whether you are taking care of a man with Parkinson’s ailment. Parkinson’s Patients Require Security There are many people who are influenced […]

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